Nerd It Forward: Tom Hiddleston

There are days where it can be a challenge to have faith in a world that seems so broken. It can feel overwhelming and hopeless at times thinking about how many people live in violence, fear, and constant struggle.

I was recently forwarded an article from The Independent. At the top was a photo of Tom Hiddleston on a UNICEF mission to South Sudan. Here’s just a small excerpt:

Three days later, I found myself in the very same village, one of the most remote places I have ever seen. Walking around the desolate school, the destruction left in the wake of the militia’s violent interruption of the school day the previous weekend was still visible. The playground was empty, school desks had been overturned and doors were hanging off their hinges.

In one of the school-rooms, I met with 15-year-old John*, who had escaped abduction. Sitting on the floor together in the corner, he told me that he feared for his life, that everyone did. He told me: “we have a big problem and worry. The soldiers – they are killing the people”. But despite the immense danger, he still wanted to attend school and prepare for his exams.  (Read the full article here).

I was moved by the heartbreaking stories of children being robbed of a childhood and felt compelled to take the call to action to do something to help. When I finished reading, I scrolled back up to see who was the journalist that wrote this piece. I have to admit I was slightly surprised at first to find Tom’s own name in the by-line.

We often talk about nerds doing amazing things on our blog. Nerds that bring an energy into the world and try to not only change our perspective through their art but also try to change the world around us. And Tom is one of those people. It may be just one article but it has given me hope that perhaps we can start putting the pieces of our broken world back together again.

For more information on how you can help the children of South Sudan, please visit and if you are moved to, please consider signing the petition here.

Nerd it forward,


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