RT Fashion: Nerdy Dresses

It is my mission to find the perfect nerdy dress to wear for the Nerd Party at Nerd HQ 2016! Every nerdy girlie finds an excuse to dress up at least once. Sure you can wear the classic little black dress…or you can find that perfect nerdy dress that showcases your personality and style. There’s just something about that perfect dress that can make a party girl feel so awesome! I’ve gathered some of my favorite nerdy dresses from the Interwebs.


Sally dress from Hot Topic

Jack SKellington dresses from smarmyclothes on Etsy


Star Wars dresses by ActionPink on Etsy


Doctor Who dresses on Stylinonline.com


Loki dress Stylinonline.com

X Men Rogue dress on superherostuff.com

X Men Wolverine dress on stylinonline.com


Sailor Scout dresses by DelightfulKissCafe on Etsy


Galaxy dress on beautifulhalo.com

These are some hot nerdy dresses if I do say so myself! What kind of dress do you wanna PARTAY in all night? I know which one (or two or three) I’ve got my eyes on!

Until next time, stay nerdy!


Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.35.24 PM


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