Nerdie Foodie Fridays: Zombie Week

Foooooddddiiieeeesss, it’s zombie week! We’ve got brains, brains, eyeballs, some other gross stuff, and did I mention brains? Oh, right, and brains! So without further ado, let’s get zombifying!

Zombie Cookies

These are fantastic for the kids (and the big kids as well) if you’ve got that artistic flair! Melissa (from Simply Sweets by Honeybee) shows us how to make and decorate zombie cookies. Check out the video below!

Broken Glass

Now these cupcakes look ridiculously realistic! Ruthanne from Easy Baked shows us how to make these bloody cupcakes (because we all know zombies aren’t the most clean and neat eaters during feeding time) at home here!

(Photo Credit: Easy Baked)

(Photo Credit: Easy Baked)

Maggots and Worms

Even zombies need snacks besides all the brains. Check out these awesomely gruesome cupcakes topped with worms and maggots from Shane’s Killer Cupcakes. Mmmm….delish! Check out the recipe here!

 (Photo Credit: Shane’s Killer Cupcakes)

(Photo Credit: Shane’s Killer Cupcakes)


Now that we’ve whetted our appetites, time for the main course: Brains! We have a couple variations. First up, brains preserved in jars of formaldehyde. One of my favourite YouTubers, Elise from My Cupcake Addiction, shows us just how to do this! Check out the video below!

Elise also shows us how to make a bleeding brain cupcake (for those who like their brains extra bloody and slightly on the carb-ier side. Check it out below!

Next, if you’re ever on the go and need to pack a portable lunch (or dinner), Amy Locurto from Living Locurto shows us how to make our own brains in a mason jar (with cake of course, because even zombies need a bit of carbs). Check out the recipe and how-to here!

(Photo Credit: Living Locurto)

(Photo Credit: Living Locurto)

And of course not every brain is “normal”, check out these abnormal brains (made out of popcorn) by Nikki Gladd from Seeded at the Table! Make a bunch of these as to-go snacks! Check out the recipe here.

 (Photo Credit: Seeded at the Table)

(Photo Credit: Seeded at the Table)


Now I did promise eyeballs to all you zombies out there. Again, Elise (I told you she’s one of my fave YouTubers) shows us a no bake version. That’s right! Even if you have zero baking skills, you can make these treats! Check out the video below!

Bleeding Hearts

Lily Vanilli (@lilyvanillicake) shows us how to make a very realistic bleeding human heart out of red velvet cake and fondant! Check out the recipe here! Besides, zombies need variety in food as much as humans do.

 (Photo Credit: Lily Vanilli)

(Photo Credit: Lily Vanilli)

Zombie Drinks

And of course, we can`t forget the drinks now can we? For the kids, check out this zombie repellant punch by Christina Caldwell (from She Knows Canada) here! *Bonus: There are more recipes for you to try after the zombie repellent punch*

 (Photo Credit: She Knows Canada)

(Photo Credit: She Knows Canada)

And of course we can’t forget about the adults! Check out this zombie brain hemorrhage shooter created by Marie Porter from Celebration Generation! Check out the recipe here! (You’ll need to scroll down to the 5th recipe)

(Photo Credit: Celebration Generation)

(Photo Credit: Celebration Generation)

And there you have it folks! Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween!

Till next time,

Happy Friday!


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