RT Crafter-Noon: Chic Freak Nerdoween Edition!

Welcome, nerds! I feel like it’s been a while since I have done a Crafter-Noon post! Halloween is approaching (I have been saying Halloween is approaching to my friends since early September…don’t judge me) and this is my FAVORITE time of the year.  Typically I gravitate toward the strange and unusual (a la Lydia Deets…) but since this week’s theme is focusing on the more glamorous side of Halloween, I thought I would bring you some Chic Freak Halloween arrangements and accents you can easily make or pull together for your home.

The biggest piece of advice I have if you are going for a chic/glamorous Halloween theme is to stick with a specific color scheme.  Choosing a theme with some natural elements, some elements that are either metallic, crystal, or glittery, and a monochromatic color scheme ie. mostly black and white with one additional color (usually but not always as evident in the example below).

Image1Gather different size and media pumpkins that all fall within a warm color pallet, metallic candle sticks, and hay for this rustic arrangement via Glitter Guide

Image2This arrangement has a vampy vibe with a bit of Alfred Hitchcock flair. This arrangement sticks with a monochromatic scheme with black and white plates, claw-hand place holders, red wine goblets for a pop of color, and vases filled with twigs enveloped in Spanish moss and ravens. Vampy arrangement via Home is Where the Boat is.

Image5This glamorous arrangement has a touch of spooky flair.  This looks like something straight out of a haunted mansion! An all black and white pallet featuring black lace and accents of cotton batting cobwebs will be the perfect freaky arrangement for your guests. Haunted mansion arrangement via I Have a Degree in This

Image3This witchy display with accents of purple will put a spell on you! (Look, Jenine, purple macarons!) Purple perfection via Pinterest


Check out this awesome tutorial on 5 creepy but classy Halloween decorations on a budget!

Image8Apparently many of the items seen here can be purchased on this Etsy page that I found via Pinterest but I could not locate them.  Anyway, you can try to see if the seller still has these items available or you can try to locate some free Halloween clip-art of silhouettes similar to these and print out some of your own on card stock. Shabby Chic  via BrandyWine

Image6Sometimes you don’t need or have space for a whole Halloween arrangement and just want some spooky accent pieces in your home.  Check out this effective Spooky Bat Lamp tutorial via gluedots.com.

Image7If you have a tiny bit of engineering capability you can put together some of these chic candy corn marquee lights via DIY Network!

Now if you are like me and revel in the spookier side of Halloween, check out this Pinterest Board for some awesome, ingenious, creepy DIY stuff!

Alright flies and ghouls, that’s all for today.  Have a spooky good Nerdoween! Stay spooky my friends.


Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.35.24 PM



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