Nerdie Foodie Fridays: Princess Edition

Hellllooo foodies! Welcome back to another week of Foodie Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve focused on just cakes and cupcakes, so this edition is all about princess cakes and cupcakes! For all of us princesses at heart (and of course in real life), here we go!

Disney’s Frozen: Princess Anna and Elsa

I was inspired to write this piece after looking at a co-worker, S. Noubani’s photos of her daughters’ cakes that she made herself. Now if you have read the Lego edition, this is a different co-worker than the one who made those yummy Lego gummies (here). Check out her version of Queen Elsa in cake form!

 (Photo Credit: S. Noubani)

(Photo Credit: S. Noubani)

Is she talented home baker or what?! I’m always blown away by her princess cakes!

Another awesome “Frozen” cake is from Elise Strachan from My Cupcake Addiction. A trained pastry chef from Australia, she teaches us how to make a piñata style cake featuring Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Check out the YouTube video below!

Disney Princesses

Now if you want some inspiration on just Disney Princess cakes in general, I thought this was a very clever way to display all of your favourite princesses in one cake. Amanda Tinney (@amandatinney) from (I love the title of this blog! Check it out here) shows us how to place Belle, Cinderella, and Aurora all into one cake. Check out the photo below!

 (Photo Credit:

(Photo Credit:

Another funky way is to mash up Disney princesses and Pixar’s Minions, to make an uber cute crossover! Check out this Minions Princesses cake by an unknown baker that was featured on Jen Yates’ blog: Cake Wrecks (check out their Facebook page here!)

 (Photo Credit: Cake Wrecks)

(Photo Credit: Cake Wrecks)

Non-Disney Princess Princesses

If you want to have some super cute general princess cakes, check out Elina Prawito’s Bake-a-Boo cakery in Auckland, New Zealand! Check out their Facebook page here! Just see for yourself this adorable princess cake!

 (Photo Credit: Bake-a-Boo)

(Photo Credit: Bake-a-Boo)

And if you have read any other Nerdie Foodie Friday posts, you know I am a fan of Ann Reardon from How to Cook That! This time Ann shares with us her techniques on how to make a general princess cake with buttercream and then with fondant! Check out both videos below!

Buttercream Princess Cake:

Fondant Princess Cake:

Cupcake Princesses

Now I did mention cupcakes at the beginning of this post, so here you go! These are a different take than your usual princess fondant/gum paste princess figurine cupcake topper. No, these are princess dress cupcakes from Recette Gateau! The cupcakes are placed into the shape of a princess ball gown and decorated in beautiful colours and accessories. (Yes, you read that correctly, accessories.). Check out a few of these designs below!

 (Photo Credit: Recette Gateau)

(Photo Credit: Recette Gateau)

And just an fyi, the Facebook page (here) and blog (here) are both in French, so if your French is rusty or non-existent, then click on that translate button from Google. Seriously, their recipes look delicious!

Crossover Princess Cake

I know I touched on this earlier, but I had to save the best (Canadian) princess cake crossover for last. I mean how can you not smile when twin girls asked their parents for a princess cake on their birthdays? Totally normal, am I right? What takes this cake to the next level is that the girls also wanted to incorporate another love for superheroes. In this case, the Hulk! Brian Elton (@_b_ri_) and his wife must be uber proud of their daughters’ cake choices. Check out this awesome, homemade (that’s right! It’s all homemade!) Hulk-ellina birthday cake for two very special 4-year olds! *Original photo from Imgur here*

 (Photo Credit: Brian Elton)

(Photo Credit: Brian Elton)

Till next time,

Happy Friday!


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