A Nerd’s Menagerie: VTCC Art

Nerds! The lovely Jaime was our wonderful representative at VTCC this past weekend. We will be featuring her coverage in a few posts this week. Today we will be featuring the wonderful artists she met.

These custom pony sculptures are by Amy Kukta who you can find more about here.
This is from the Anti Hero Project by Travis Gibbs.
antihero-travis gibbs
Brandon Barrows is the writer (pictured) and the artist is Joe Badon, they have a weekly webcomic Crime Quirks Gazette! Check it out!
brandon barrows
Greg Giordano an artist, who will also be featured in the Nerds R Us segment, can be found here.
Greg Giordano
Heather Farrington can be found here, at her deviantart and twitter.
heather farrington
Find Keith Gleason – Hero Envy here and here.

@inkfallstudios’ Hurry up Please it’s Time comics are about the environment, culture and science. Find them here.

Imagination Asylum’s Ashley and Richard Dufresne, a father and daughter team, can be found here.

The artist is Jared Gagnon – Immortal Thoughts which you can find here.  His brother Casey Gagnon has a YouTube gaming channel called OCDGaming.

Jay Mooers – creator, artist and writer of Eden Park Tales can be found here.
jaymooers jaymooers2Jason

Jaime couldn’t resist these prints by Jerry Rascoe.
jerry rascoe
JReam Pirate Productions has a vast array of art. Find them here.
Legend of Novo creator Amir Avitzur can be found on FB, TW and here.
legend of novo- amir avitzur
This is artwork and 3D printed badges by students of Lyndon State College Visual Arts!
lyndon visual arts students
Work by Matthew Sylvester who we plan to interview in October, can be found here and on FB.
matthew sylvester
Michael Waggoner who will also be featured in a Nerds ‘R Us interview can be found on FB.
Michael Waggoner2
Nate Walpole can be found here.
nate walpole
Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr. also will be featured in Nerds ‘R Us, can be found here, here, here and FB.
Robert Brunelle Jr
Shaded Areas, does art videos podcasts and webcomics!
shaded areas
TerrorBunnyStudios on Facebook is responsible for these great pins!

The artist behind the pop culture mermaids are Sinically Twisted on FBTwitter,  Instagram, Tumblr and LiveJOURNal!
IMG_1197 IMG_1198
Last but not least…Randall Drew, Aaron Shrewsbury and Mike Luoma from Vermont Comic Creators!
It was a great weekend, and like any con, it’s great to support all of the creative nerds! Spread the nerd word, culture and love!

~R & J
Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.36.18 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.35.24 PM


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