Replicate This: Fashion – Super Mario Bros Edition

I’m gonna keep the Mario love going on this edition of RT: Fashion. I searched down every green pipe in the Interwebs (see what I did there…huh? HUH?) to bring you some fabulous Super Mario Bros inspired fashions!

It’s Mario time!

First up we have some fabulous Super Mario Bros shoes!

Image16Image1The Custom Canvas shoes come courtesy of DecoroZapatillas on Etsy

The awesome painted wedges I unfortunately cannot find the creator of.  If you know who made these beauties please leave a comment with a link below.  Photo courtesy of

Next up, who doesn’t love a good pair of nerdy socks?

Image188-Bit Mario ankle socks (available at this link for a limited time on auction!)

How about some hats? Though these say “cosplay” I know quite a few nerds (myself included) who would wear these on a regular basis

Image19Mario and Luigi baseball caps (only available at this link for another 4 days but I have seen similar hats elsewhere!)

Next up let’s have some hand-crafted Super Mario Bros jewelry!

Image14Image17Though these come from 2 different crafters I believe they would go together SMASHingly (I did that…yep)

Luma necklace by doodlecraftblog

Pirahna plant earrings by OOOWORKSHOP

A nerd can never have too many t-shirts……

Image21Mario guys t-shirt and Girls Yoshi tank top both available at Hot Topic

And last but not least, with fall around the corner I am certainly thinking of cozy pajama bottoms….Image23Looking at these I am just picturing how the marketing pitch went:

“Super Mario pajama bottoms for women?! You’re talking crazy, man! They’ll never buy those!”

“I know what you mean, these women are such delicate flowers….these pants are nowhere near feminine enough for them.  How can we possibly make them appeal to women?”

“Okay…..I know this is crazy but……hear me out……what if we made them…”


(End Scene)

This is why I put the quotation marks around the “Men’s” because…c’mon!

“Men’s” Mario Pajama bottoms by KMart

PINK Mario Pajama bottoms by WebUndies

ICYMI, don’t forget to check out my Gamer Girl Musing: Evolution of Mario article! That’s all for today, nerds. Stay….Mario?


Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.35.24 PM


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