Nerd It Forward: Brice Royer & Francesca Murray

Cancer. It’s a frightening word. For Vancouverite, Brice Royer, it’s simply reality. Brice has been battling stomach cancer for the past couple years; but instead of focusing on the disease, he decided to pay it forward in an unconventional way. It all started earlier this spring when he posted a simple ad on Craigslist



Photo credits: Brice Royer

He was selling love, more specifically, unconditional love. The price? A whopping $0. As you can imagine, the ad went viral with over a million views and countless messages from people thanking Brice for brightening up their day.

One of those people who happened upon that very ad was Francesca Murray. Moved by his words, Francesca offered to cook a meal for Brice. They exchanged messages over Facebook where Brice found out that Francesca was a single mom who was living at a shelter with her four-year-old daughter. Brice recently invited Francesca to help him deliver food and gifts to the needy but little did she know, when she showed up at his home, he surprised her with a box of food, which she promptly decided she would share with all the other women at the shelter.


Brice (middle) with Francesca (right). Photo credits: Jenelle Schneider, The Vancouver Sun

Check out Brice’s Facebook page and fan page for more messages of hope and to find out more about his love crusade.

One Craigslist ad + unconditional love + the kindness of strangers = a nerd it forward movement worth writing about.

You are now one of the wealthiest people on Earth. You are loved and you are priceless. – Brice Royer

‘Til next time,


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