Nerd It Forward: Charitable T-Shirts

The trusty t-shirt. A staple in everyone’s wardrobe, ranging from classic plain white tees to fun, quirky ones. But what if a single t-shirt could make a difference in the world. Jessica Flynn did just that by designing a beautifully empowering t-shirt featuring #PositiveHashtags with proceeds going towards Pieta House, a counselling agency devoted to helping those who are self-harming or suicidal. 

Celebs have also lent their fame to many worthy causes by designing their very own t-shirts. Our favourite Captain, Nathan Fillion, recently designed a Firefly shirt in support of the charity, Kusewera, which helps “empower and educate children in impoverished countries through active and creative play”. The special “I Shoot First” tee is still on sale for at least 24 more hours and has surpassed its 500 shirt goal 28 times over.


Fellow nerd, Stephen Amell, who is gearing up for his highly anticipated WWE debut, has also designed a shirt with a portion of sales going to a children’s hospice, Emily’s House.


And this isn’t the first time Amell has thrown his hat (or rather hood) into the charitable shirt arena. Let’s flashback to his “Sinceriously” campaign earlier this year where he sold over 67,000 shirts benefiting Stand for the Silent & Paws and Stripes


What’s truly amazing is that you don’t have to be a celebrity to start a campaign, anyone can design a shirt through Represent to support the charity of their choice. The power of a t-shirt, just another simple way to nerd it forward.

‘Til next time,


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