TNT Thursdays: The Way Things Work – Mammoth Edition

Growing up, my bible of science came in the form of  Neil Ardley & David Macaulay‘s “The Way Things Work”.


When my dad brought home the CD-ROM version, I fell madly in love with its mascot, the adorably awkward, Woolly Mammoth 🙂 So for this week’s TNT list, here are my top ten Mammoth lessons.

10. “On Mammoth Adversity”

There’s nothing quite as entertaining as a Mammoth riding a unicycle.

9. “On the Intelligence of Mammoths”

Forget a trusty steed, if I were a knight, I’d always bring my trusty Mammoth.

8. “On Mammoth Memory”

Mammoths are smrt.

7. “On A Mammoth Machine”

That is one Mammoth sized hamster wheel.

6. “On Mammoths and Bathing”

Stunt Mammoths. Because they need to make a living somehow.

5. “On A Mammoth Clothes-Dryer”


4. “On Mammoth Sensitivity”

Mammoth burglary alarms, Mammoth breathalyzer tests… Get your Mammoth devices for a low, low price of $19.99 (+S&H)!!!

3. “On Early Mammoth Power”

That ride looks frightening. Sign me up!

2. “On the Advent of Airfreight”

The landing needs a bit of work. Otherwise, a solid 8.0.

1. “On Mammoth Lemons”


You can find these and the rest of the Mammoth adventures here. I think the best part is the fact that every lesson has a rather big however caveat 😉 Let me know which lessons are your favourite in the comment section below!

‘Til next time,


Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.36.30 PM


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