Nerdie Foodie Fridays: Star Wars Edition

This week is all about Star Wars here at NC’s Foodie Friday corner! When I was searching to find inspiration and ideas on different foods and good eats that had a Star Wars twist to it, I got giddy just looking at all the pictures and creativity that was overflowing on the world wide web! Ready? …Here we go!

Starting off breakfast right with the Dark side of the Force! You too can eat Darth Vader on your toast with this handy dandy toaster (I totes want this one day just for kicks)! Check it out here.

Photo Credits

Photo Credits:

And if one is going to toast some bread, why not have an alternative and make a Millennium Falcon grilled cheese sandwich instead? Check out this recipe and how-to by Amanda Jean from!

Photo credits

Photo credits:

Who doesn’t love a good cookie? Oreos were (still are) one of my favourite cookies growing up. And dunking them in milk? Well that was second to none! Check out this combo from Jenn Fujikawa (! She paired her Yoda Green Tea Oreos with Bantha (blue) milk! Genius. If you want to try your hand at making these awesome looking Yoda Green Tea Oreos, check out the recipe here!

Photo credits Just Jenn Recipes

Photo credits: Just Jenn Recipes

She even came up with this awesome creation, the Tauntaun cookie (candied guts included). Check out the recipe and how to here.

Photo credits

Photo credits:

And what are cookies without some cake? Check out this Death Star cake that was created by Shannon Bradley from The Hobbits Cakerie out in Pitt Meadows, BC! If you’re ever around for a celebration on the Canadian Westcoast, come check out one of her delightful cakes!

Photo credits The Hobbits Cakerie

Photo credits: The Hobbits Cakerie

And finally one can’t have all these yummy creations without quenching one’s thirst. For the adults, if you ever happen to be in Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Florida) during their Star Wars Weekends, check out their pop up bars all over the park! This year, the weekends ran till June 14, 2015, and the drink choices were as follows:

Photo credits Disney Food Blog

Photo credits: Disney Food Blog


Photo Credits: Disney Food Blog

These are one heck of a price for drinks as they came with collectible glow cubes! Who knows, this may be a family outing everyone could enjoy! Keep up to date for 2016 here.

For the kiddies, check out these options you can make at home: Yoda Soda (Hawaiian Punch, 7Up, and green sherbet to top off the drink) and Vader-ade (Red Gatorade).

Photo credits: Purple Patch Parties

Photo credits: Purple Patch Parties

One can always keep their drinks cold with a couple X-Wing ice cubes! Just check out the ice cube tray here!

Photo credits:

Photo credits:

Photo credits:

Photo credits:

For more Star Wars themed party and food ideas, check out these blogs for inspiration!

Purple Patch Star Wars Party:

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons – Star Wars Food:

Boksomdaais Star Wars Party:

Till next time,

Happy Friday!


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