Nerds ‘R Us: Show & Talk 

We had the wonderful opportunity in our recent trip to San Diego to chat with one of our favorite humans and fellow nerds, Sandrene, where we talked about our blog and all things nerdy for her YouTube show, Show & Talk

Sandrene is a dear friend of ours who we met, funnily enough, through Twitter. That being said, we were already fans of hers as she was the bubbly bright woman who asked interesting and thought provoking questions during the livestreams at various panels from Nerd HQ. So when it came down to deciding who we felt the most comfortable spilling all of our deepest and darkest secrets to interviewing us, Sandrene was at the top of our list. We plan to feature the lovely Sandrene herself, and Show and Talk soon! In the meantime, check out her show and give her a follow, you will not be disappointed!


So here is the result of our 12 hour conversation. Show & Talk with the ladies of Nerdy Curiosities. Please forgive us if we’re not the most coherent. Note to selves: don’t schedule interviews past midnight and after a day of travel. Enjoy!


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