Nerds ‘R Us: Roni, Jams, & Jen

Family. Whether blood or the ones that we create, family is something that I hold very close to my heart. And my blog family is no exception.

This is a special post because a) my fellow authors don’t know that I’m writing this and b) today is my birthday so I feel like I get a free pass on what I choose to write in this segment 😉

My Everyday Nerds are the incredibly talented ladies who write the words on this very site that you are reading. There isn’t enough space (well, technically there is, but I truly don’t want to bore you) to tell you how grateful I am that I am able to share this little corner of the interwebs with these girls.


The Nerdy Curiosities Crew (L-R: Roni, Rach, Jams, & Jen)

When Roni asked us to be contributors to Nerdy Curiosities, my life changed for the better. She’s our designical Captain, this blog is our Serenity and we’re her motley crew of awesome. Then there’s Jams, our artiste and creative craftsmaven. I’m sure she could save the world with a sketchpad and glue gun. And rounding out our team is Jen, our baker extraordinaire, who I have known my entire life. Family by blood and family by nerdom. Their love for all things nerdy is infectious. I get excited when they get excited.


Writing has always been a passion of mine. There’s something powerful about being able to affect someone with just words. And this blog brings out the best of my abilities because of the talented people I get to write with. There’s so much heart in everything that they do. It’s been a crazy yet wonderful journey so far and I can’t imagine embarking on this wild adventure with anybody else.

Alright, enough with the sappiness. I just have one final birthday wish. Feel free to peruse the other articles posted on this page, especially if you’re new to our site (welcome, by the way!). Perhaps then you’ll understand why this blog is so special to me.

In my mind, Roni, Jams and Jen are not only wonderful nerds, they’re wonderful people. Period.


‘Til next time,


Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.36.30 PM


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