Nerds ‘R Us: Laura, Jayne, & Michelle

We are super excited to share this shiny new segment here on our blog as we put the spotlight on some of the coolest Everyday Nerds, the unsung superheroes of this incredible nerd community. Each of their stories may be unique but the one thread that ties them together is the positive impact that they’ve had on the world around them. 

Our first Everyday Nerd is Laura (@NerdFitter) who shares with us her involvement in making a special moment happen at Stephen Amell’s Nerd HQ panel.


Laura as Steampunk Rapunzel (photo credit: Laura)

I saw a young lady walking along the front of the New Children’s Museum dressed exactly like Felicity Smoak from Arrow. She looked amazing! When I pointed out her glasses to my friends, she stopped and talked to us. I asked Felicity (aka Amanda) if she was going to Stephen Amell’s panel, and she replied no. She had three people trying to get tickets but no one was successful. She was, however, hoping for Smiles for Smiles with him after the panel. Our conversation ended there. Later I see her again. She looked so downtrodden. As we were talking, I started thinking about the fact that I’ve met him multiple times, interpreted for his panels at Dallas Comic Con, and had more chances than she ever would to meet him. I turned to my friend and told her I thought it was the right thing to do to give my front row ticket to this girl. So, I did. Seeing the smile and hearing her excitement when a random stranger gave her a ticket… That made everything okay. The best part was her asking her question and getting to share a Coke with Stephen. Her glow made my year.

You can relive the Felicity shares a Coke with Oliver moment here:

Our next Everyday Nerd comes to us from Northern Ireland, Jayne (@jayneworkman) and our very own blog mistress Roni shares her story.


Roni, Zac, & Jayne (photo credit: Nerd HQ)


Jayne & Roni (photo credit: Sherlock Party)

We were all very lucky to have Jayne attend Nerd HQ last year! Sadly, she could not attend this year, and though she was greatly missed, she was still a big part of making our HQ 2015 experience a great one! From over 5,000 miles away in Northern Ireland, Jayne surprised many of us with panel tickets. She stayed up late to try for panel tickets and watched the live streams. Because of her, Jaime and Rich were able to attend 2 different panels, and I was able to attend Badass Women. Well Jayne, you my dear are one badass lady, and I thank you!

And last but certainly not least, our final Everyday Nerd, Michelle (@mbadeaux) shared with us her magical princess moment in San Diego.


Michelle as Steampunk Ariel (photo credit: Laura)

I was chit chatting with my other princesses (our group dressed as steampunk Disney princesses) after we ate lunch and took a photo for a local radio station. As I’m talking, all of sudden I feel something tackle me and wrap around my legs. I look down to see a little girl, who had to be 3 or 4, tightly hugging me.  At first I was shocked but then immediately crouched down to her level.  I look over and see her parents walking over to me apologizing while laughing, “We’re sorry, she saw you and just ran towards you.” The little girl proceeded to tell me that her name was Elizabeth, that she is a girl and that she loved my movie lol. I was so taken aback that this little girl was so excited to see me or “Ariel”. For a moment, I was able to make her so happy.  It reminded me of how excited I was when I was her age to see Ariel at Disney World, and to be able to give that experience to another little girl? I have no words.  I was trying to fight back tears and stay in character for her.  She sat and talked to me for a few minutes while her parents snapped some photos.  As she was going to leave, she came back for one more hug.  The whole experience was so surreal and one I will never forget.  That little girl will never know just how much of an impression she left on me.

As witnesses to this precious moment, there were definitely tears of joy. We’re tearing up just thinking about it now!

Perhaps there is something inexplicable in the air that creates this sense of camaraderie and charity. We happen to know these three ladies personally and like most superheroes, their goodness was just enhanced by their environment. If anyone at The Nerd Machine happens to stumble upon this post, we hope it puts a smile on your face knowing these special things are happening because of you and what you’ve created with Nerd HQ.


Roni & Rach

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.36.18 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.36.30 PM


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