Menagerie: Designical Nerd Art

We have a vast array of Nerd memorabilia today! From the designical to sculptural and everything in between. Check them out below…


Federico Babina has created a series of 27 imaginary houses influenced by the film style of famous movie directors. He calls the series Archidirector. See more here.


Exclusive Ant-Man Poster was released last week. I’m a big fan of this due to the negative space. Most superhero posters are a jumbled, collaged mess, so this is a breath of fresh air.



Designer, MinimalistPop has created 300 simplified design illustrations of pop culture icons. You can see more information here. Love this little Cap, and the Totoro is adorable, too!


Brandon Kenney is amazing! I do not remember how I found him, but I came across some of his work, and immediately fell for his style. Go to his website here and see the screen shot of his works for sale below. They range from $30-$1200.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 5.58.26 PM


Some may find this creepy, I find it humorous. IFLS shared South Korean artist, Hyungkoo Lee’s sculptures of famous cartoon characters’ skeletons. They are totally recognizable! Check the original post out here.



Noel Cruz has been amazing us with his repaint achievements! He takes lame, poorly painted dolls and makes them more realistic! His skills are insane, and if I had them, I would be making all my own action figures! See his website here.





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