TNT Thursdays: News

This weeks roundup is varied! Let’s go Nerds!

The first onset image from the X-Files was released and there was much rejoicing! See more here!
The six-episode continuation will premiere on Sunday, Jan. 24.


If your princess is Ariel or if you just have a fascination with our oceans, then you’ll love Google! They’ve mapped the world’s reefs! Now you can visit from the comfort of your own desk! 😀
Visit Google here


Pantograph has re-imagined 100 gadgets for a parallel world, and they have a great steampunk feel to them! visit designtaxi for more here.


Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are doing a movie together. See more at Schmoes Know
All systems are go for NASA’s mission to Europa! Read more here and check out the video below!

Jurassic World was king this week, marvel was classy and we really aren’t surprised!


Funko Pops are trying to break your bank! There are Outlander, Orphan Black, and COCOpops coming at you! All I can say is that Felix pop better be showing bum. See here.


Along with all the crazy Jurassic talk, did anyone else get caught up in this awesome fan theory about Pratt’s character being the snarky kid from the original Jurassic Park?! Though it’s not true, I love this idea! haha! See the full write up on uproxx.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.34.08 PM

Potter heads may have heard that in the new spin-off movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Rowling confirmed Newt Scamander will meet witches and wizards educated at the American school of witchcraft and wizardry. This sent the inter webs a buzzing as to where would it be located. Well, Huffington Post released an article sharing the possibilities today. My vote…Olympic National Park. See the other locations here.



Trouble in paradise for Sony and Marvel. As expected they could not agree on a Spidey and it seems Asa Butterfield was only Sony’s favorite. Part of me is hoping this report is a lie and both studios have chosen someone and there will be a big secret reveal in Civil War as planned with Spidey removing his mask, but the likelihood of that being the case is slim. A studio keeping a secret?! Hopefully a Spidey will be agreed upon soon. Come on Sony, just trust Marvel! They know what they are doing! He was their baby first!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.46.59 PM

As an honorable mention… Game of Thrones… Let’s not talk about it.




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