A Nerd’s Menagerie: Disney Princesses

I feel like this may be a recurring topic due to the amount of material available  on the inter-webs.

Growing up Disney at the peak of Ariel and Belle, I have quite a soft spot for the princesses. Sure, they all may be flawed, but that is not their fault. It is not their responsibility to raise the audience’s child. Like any public figure or product which may influence a child, these people/products should be conversation starters for the parental units to clarify or dictate what they deem appropriate. I digress…

I often wondered, growing up, what it would be like to have all the princesses together, and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. Granted, most of the encounters are hilarious! see more here


Some findings cannot be unseen. lol If Princes were Princesses


There was news earlier this month of a project that was cancelled called Princess Academy! I admit, I am curious, and would’ve totally watched it. lol see more here


I guess the closest I get to having my fairy tales get together is Once Upon a Time, though I still think they could have weaved in the Rapunzel/Tangled story/characters in better.

Here’s to many more inspired projects and future representations of the Disney ladies.


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