An Homage: Fans

There is something that makes nerds special from a standard fan. They are passionate about their particular interest, and sometimes that passion explodes into wondrous products; from inventions to fashion, from art to trailers, from music videos to films, from articles to fan-fiction and even nerd-centric companies. There is no end to the supply of material for any particular fandom or nerdy topic.

Thanks nerds, for expanding our favorite universes and creating beautiful work.

BlobVanDam on Youtube imagines what Doctor Who lego video game would look like.

BVD was also responsible for rendering the lego version of 11’s regeneration scene.

And of course who can forget John Smith’s WhoLock – Sherlock meets the Doctor! What talent!

Some folks, like BatDadBlake add an extra flavor to their day-to-day and make it the most hilarious activities! This is my fave compilation! haha! #parentingwin

Imagine Voldemort won, pragmatique on Tumblr created wanted and propaganda posters. See more at Nerdapproved.


This may have been an April Fools joke, but it needs to happen.

Also, if you are unaware, there is a full fledged, fan run magazine called Witch Weekly you can follow on that features our fave witches and even an advice column by Molly Weasley.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.08.05 PM

You might have seen this on Buzzed, but 18yr old Angela has a promising career in the fashion world if she wishes. Just take a look at her craftsmanship!enhanced-buzz-wide-29607-1432060652-7

See the rest here.


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