The Daily Grind: Game of Thrones Dedication

An old high school friend of mine shared the epic level of nerdery on FB last weekend.

This was for the ALTA (Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association) City Finals for women’s tennis. The teams that did the best in their divisions through the season play each other at city finals. This is by A7 Dekalb team.

“At city finals, every team has a table with food and a theme (whatever theme). For example, some ladies did French Open theme, some did “Fifty Shades of Green” and our team did Game of Thrones because several of us love it…and we won the award for best table! We did a zombie theme in the past with a severed head and got runner up that year but it was too disturbing to win. Haha. Glad we got it this year!”

Yes, of course they won first prize, I mean come on! Well done ladies!

Check this out! ❤


GOT tennis


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