The Daily Grind: A Doctor Who Group Show

561409_604318476263864_273289388_nSo…there’s a Doctor Who exhibit taking place at the East End Studio Gallery in Houston, and all calls for entry are due Monday, May 25th at midnight. I have been wrecking my brain as to what to do, and I have a couple of ideas, but very little free time. :/ I’m going to do my best to have something, but I have Comicpalooza all weekend and my days are quite long in the day job, plus trying to maintain some semblance of fitness and a few other side projects…

Good grief that just went on and on. I’m done now.

What do you guys think? Besides me needing a clone or two. 😛

What would you do for a Whovian-centric exhibit?!

If I do manage to get something together, I’ll post my progress 😀


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