Nerd’s Menagerie: Art

There’s nothing cooler than people taking their passions and obsessions and shaping or blending different things to make something new. Creativity has always been very important to me. It’s a big part of my day-to-day, it sometimes comes in abundance or it is quite absent. The challenge is to try to find inspiration in the mundane. I travelled to Arizona recently, and found this…


Is this a bench or a Starfleet Insignia?

I like to imagine the person who designed said bench was a big Star Trek fan. 🙂

Here is some Nerdy art for you…

Russian paper artist and illustrator Talamaska’s Alice in Wonderland

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

See more from the collection here!

Italian artist, Alessandro Rabatti expresses his views on the economic crisis by mixing banknotes and fictional super heroes.


Even doing experimentation with gravity can be gorgeous, minimalist art.

Gravity from Clemens Wirth on Vimeo.


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