Nerd’s Menagerie: Random Nerdy News

Today on Random Nerdy News… A collection from many a nerdy websites 😉 


Supergirl Trailer is up CBS sister station of CW. Potential of crossovers? I’m not sure how I feel about this.



Thor Comic Spoiler, her identity revealed. Thor fans you have been warned of spoilers.


Teen Titans still in the works…hmm

RR logo classicReading Rainbow is back kids! Hey, it was an integral part of my childhood, so I have to celebrate! The Skybrary has launched, check it out! If you have little ones 2-9, this is for them!



Funko released the first images of the new Fabrications of Groot and Baymax! Pre-Order the Adorable Here & Here!

via absolute geekery

via absolute geekery

Potterheads!  Get yourself some 3D printed Hogwarts House Pendants


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