The Daily Grind: Travel

I love to travel! As exhausting and tedious as it can be sometimes, I can’t deny how much I love it. I sometimes worry about growing old and being physically unable of traveling far distances. “I don’t wike it!” 

Luckily my designical job has me travel quite a bit, sometimes it’s not the most glamorous places, but getting out of the office really helps to get out of the routine. I think people would be more pleasant if they stepped out of the day-to-day monotony, the chores, the 8-5, the daily grind.

Plus, I also build an appreciation for my coworkers. Seeing them out of the office, serves as a reminder that we are all human and awesome. Sorry, I totally got that stuck in your head now.

I wasn’t doing anything fancy for work while I was an Arizona, just some surveying, but what a great view. 🙂 Appreciate your surrounding, regardless where you are. You may be surrounded by great natural views all the time, but have you appreciated them lately. I live in a very flat city, so mountains are a big deal. I noticed the different stars and how bright they were due to less light pollution and haze. Look around and wonder folks.

I challenge everyone to list 3 things you appreciated at the end of the day.

On my trip I appreciated the landscape, the stars and how the daylight seemed softer than where I’m from, and I got to visit with one of my favorite nerds that I never get to see.

Surprise, AZ


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