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Nerds! This is our final post at this address! We have found a new home and are excited for you to see it! We hope you like our new digs at NerdyCurious.com! ❤

All the nerd love!

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Nerdie Foodie Fridays: The Peanuts Movie Edition

Foodies! Welcome back to another Foodie Friday. Better yet, today is release day for The Peanuts Movie!!!!! That’s right folks! Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the gang can be seen in a theatre near you starting today!! The Peanuts gang by Charles M. Schultz are such classic cartoons. So in honour of the premiere of The Peanuts movie, we are going to see just a taste of what you can do with a lot of popcorn and something about Albertson’s Safeway doing a lot of promo for the movie (we don’t have Albertsons Safeway in Canada, we just have Safeway…is there a difference?). In any case, wherever you buy your groceries, candies, and popcorn, it doesn’t have to be the exact same brand as the ones that can be found in the recipes below because well, I’m Canadian (end disclaimer). Let’s roll! Continue reading

Nerds ‘R Us: Art By Stephanie

Nerds! If you aren’t familiar with this fabulous lady already, well you’re in for a treat! She is the incredibly talented Stephanie Arnwine, and she creates some of the most photo realistic paintings of our favorite nerdy characters and actors! Not only is her artwork impressive, but she is an inspiring woman herself! Take a listen below nerds, and go out and do a thing!!! Don’t let anything stop you! Pic
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RT Fashion: Nerdy Dresses

It is my mission to find the perfect nerdy dress to wear for the Nerd Party at Nerd HQ 2016! Every nerdy girlie finds an excuse to dress up at least once. Sure you can wear the classic little black dress…or you can find that perfect nerdy dress that showcases your personality and style. There’s just something about that perfect dress that can make a party girl feel so awesome! I’ve gathered some of my favorite nerdy dresses from the Interwebs.

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Nerdventures: Nerdy Nola

Hello nerds…my name is Roni and I am addicted to traveling. Seriously, if I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is plan a trip around the world! #WanderLust is real, and it’s a worthy cause! Try to experience, see and learn as much as you can for as long as you can.

If you happen to follow us on Twitter and Periscope @nerdycurious, you may have caught our posting from New Orleans! I was lucky to spend the weekend with Show and Talk’s Sandrene and Nerdy Gras’ Michelle for a mini-nerd reunion! We missed the rest of the nerd family, but were determined to have a blast in a fantastic city! Continue reading